Five Hidden Costs Of Hiring In-House Cleaning Staff

Posted on: 24 March 2015

Cutting back on everyday expenses is an important part of boosting profits at any company. Some companies look to outsourced cleaning services as an expense they might be able to get rid of by hiring their own cleaning staff. However, it's important to be aware of the hidden costs of in-house cleaning.

When you outsource janitorial service needs, you have one simple figure to look at when evaluating the expense. On the other hand, there are many hidden expenses to having an in-house cleaning team that can be easy to overlook when comparing costs. Hidden costs include the following:


You might be operating under the assumption that cleaning is a simple tasks that doesn't require much training. However, you'll be surprised at how much training your in-house staff will need to operate effectively. Cleaning staff doesn't only need to know how to clean. They will also need to be aware of scheduling in your office and any hazards that go along with working around your office equipment. They'll need to know which facilities need cleaning and how often. Disseminating all this information to your new cleaning staff members will require a training period that will both take up your time and cost you money in wages. 

Cleaning supplies

Don't underestimate the costs of all of the cleaning supplies you'll need. You won't only need inexpensive items like cleaning solutions and paper towels, but you'll also have to invest in large pieces of equipment like vacuum cleaners and floor buffers. Supply needs make it so that starting up an in-house cleaning team requires a significant initial investment. 

Insurance increases

When you hire in-house cleaning staff, you might have to deal with an increase in worker's compensation insurance premiums. Cleaning staff will be handling different tasks from those carried out by other staff members, and some of these tasks will pose new risks of injury. Your insurance provider may raise your rates to accommodate the new risks. 


Perhaps you're thinking of having current staff members take on the cleaning burden. Yet staff morale is likely to go down if your office workers suddenly find themselves having to take out trash and clean toilets. A drop in morale could negatively impact productivity and attendance at your company. 

Supervision of cleaning staff

You or one of your staff members will have to take time out to supervise cleaning staff. When you contract with an outside provider of janitorial services, such as Gama Professional Cleaning, you can simply sit back as experienced professionals handle cleaning needs for you.