Removing Stubborn Pet Stains And Odors From Your Rugs In 3 Easy Steps

Posted on: 25 March 2015

House breaking your new pet is a process that can take several weeks to complete. Unfortunately, until this process is completed, you will likely find yourself dealing with some stubborn carpet stains and odors along the way. While the best way to deal with these pet stains is through the use of a professional carpet cleaning service, calling in the professionals every time your pet has an accident simply is not realistic. Thankfully, the simple cleaning process outlined below can help you to eliminate these stains quickly and effectively.

What You Will Need

  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • clean spray bottle
  • warm water
  • several clean white cloths or paper towels
  • metal spoon
  • black light and chalk (only necessary if you cannot locate the source of the odor)

Step 1: Locate Hidden Urine Stains

If your pet had an accident when you were at work or otherwise occupied, you may find it difficult to locate the dried stain despite the fact that you can smell the odor it is producing. While you could spend all afternoon sniffing your carpets looking for the source of the odor, there is a much easier way to locate the hidden urine stain.

Begin by turning off your traditional lights and closing any window blinds or curtains you may have. Next, turn on a black light and use this light to check all areas of your carpet. Any urine that is present will glow under the black light. Simply use a piece of chalk to lightly outline the stained area so that you will be able to easily find its location once the lights are turned back on.

Step 2: Remove As Much Liquid As Possible

Using a clean white cloth, apply pressure to the stained area in order to remove as much liquid as possible from your rug. If the stain has already dried, simply reactivate the liquid by spraying the stained area with a small amount of warm water.

Continue using clean cloths to remove the liquid from your carpet until the cloth comes up dry when pressure is applied.

Step 3: Lift Remaining Stain And Odor

Once you have removed as much of the stain as possible without the use of cleaning agents, spray the stained area with a solution of one part warm water, one part white vinegar, and three teaspoons of baking soda. Do not soak the floor, but rather spray just enough cleaner to dampen the entire area.

Allow your cleaning solution to sit for a few minutes while the chemical reaction caused by the baking soda and vinegar work to release the stains from your carpet. Next, lay a clean cloth on top of the stain and apply pressure to the cloth using a metal spoon. Be sure to start on the outside of the stain and work your way inward in order to prevent spreading the stain to other areas of the carpet. Once you reach the center of the stain, lift the cloth and inspect the stained area. If you can still see evidence of a stain, repeat this step until the stain is completely removed.

A Final Thought

While the cleaning process above will certainly help to keep your rugs stain free throughout the course of house training your pet, this process may actually make the rest of your carpet appear dull or dingy in comparison to the recently cleaned areas. Therefore, once you are able to complete the house training process, it is still best to have your entire rug professionally cleaned (by specialists such as those from Majestic Rug Cleaning Co. Inc.) in order to ensure a uniform appearance and wear pattern.