How A Janitor Service Could Help With Office Security

Posted on: 31 March 2015

Employing a janitor, like those at Elk Grove House Cleaning Referral Agency, to clean an office after hours does more than ensure that a business maintains a professional look. Hiring janitorial services also aids in keeping the business safe from security breaches. The janitorial crew could act as the "eyes and ears" of management and report any obvious signs that something is amiss.

Get Notified of the Signs of Theft

The average office is going to reflect the average "close of business mess." A dirty carpet and an overflowing trash can are commonplace once the last employee walks out the door. Janitorial services are going to work hard to restore the office to a presentable condition. Additionally, the janitorial service could log things that appear out of the ordinary such as:

  • Filing cabinets and desk drawers mysteriously left open.
  • Seemingly confidential papers and reports left on top of desks or in copy machine.
  • Furniture that has been strangely and unceremoniously moved around.

While it is true these unusual signs could be little more than a reflection of a day at the office that was a bit more chaotic than others, the incidents might also be an indication of corporate or identity theft. Having a janitorial service alert management of anything seemingly amiss could, at the very least, allow a business to take immediate action. The quicker a response is employed, the faster a security lapse can be brought under control.

Notify the Janitor Service about What to Look for

In order for the employees of the service to know when a security breach likely has occurred, the company should point out the security steps being taken. For example, company policy may require computers be consistently shut off at the end of the night. If the cleaning crew notices computers have remained on, the service should make a note of this and make an immediate report to the point person in the company.

Devise a Plan for an Orderly Office

Telling the janitorial service to look for things that appear abnormal is not going to be possible unless the company has already defined what a normal office is supposed to look like. So, draw up a security plan that informs employees of steps that have to be taken to secure an office prior to closing. Submit these plans to the janitorial service. Things as simple as "close all office doors" or "turn all desk lights" off should not be overlooked. This way, when even there is the smallest indication of a security breach appears, the janitorial team will let you know.