Old Stained Concrete Porch? Make It Beautiful By Applying A Stone Resurfacing Epoxy Resin Product

Posted on: 31 March 2015

If your home has an old stained concrete porch, then you can easily make it look beautiful by applying a stone resurfacing epoxy resin product. You can use the same product to resurface the walkway and stairs leading to the porch for a nice new modern look. 

Here is some information to help you decide if epoxy stone resurfacing is the right choice for your home's porch:

Epoxy Resin Resurfacing Product Basics

The term "epoxy" refers to a resin that uses a chemical process to cure, rather than drying in the ambient air like glues and paints. The chemical bonds created by mixing the two ingredients of epoxy together are very strong making epoxy resins much stronger than glues and paints.

Epoxy resin can be painted onto any surface with a roller and will harden to become a nearly impermeable, long-lasting, stain-free surface. And, epoxy resin products can be applied to any surface, including:

  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • tile

Additionally, wood surfaces can be pretreated and then covered with this type of refinishing product as well.

Epoxy Resin Resurfacing Advantages 

There are many advantages of using epoxy resins, including:

  • fast installation
  • no damage to surrounding landscaping
  • stable at all temperatures
  • long-lasting

Additionally, resin resurfacing products come in a wide variety of colors. Also, additives can be placed into the resin to give surfaces a unique look or non-skid surfaces, such as:

  • sand
  • pebble stone
  • color chips

Epoxy Resin Resurfacing Uses for Residential Homes

Epoxy resin stone resurfacing products can be used in a variety of locations around your home, such as on the:

  • basement floor
  • driveway
  • garage floor
  • patio
  • porch
  • stairs
  • walkways

Also, this type of product is wonderful for use around pools and spas. Sand or pebble stone placed into the resin can greatly reduce the number of slip-and-fall accidents around your property.

Epoxy Resin Resurfacing Installation

If you have decided that resurfacing your old stained porch with an epoxy resin sounds like the way to go, then you have two options for installation:

  1. DIY installation
  2. professional installation

If you would like to tackle this job yourself, then you can purchase all of the necessary items at your local home improvement store. However, if this is not the type of DIY project that you are comfortable completing, then you should opt for a professional installation. For professional stone resurfacing, you should contact a local contracting company, like Marble Tec Systems, in your city or town.