Moving Out Of Your Apartment? These Are The Areas You Need To Focus On

Posted on: 7 April 2015

You have found a new place to live and are now in the process of packing and moving your belongings to a new home. In order to get your security deposit back from your old apartment, you need to make sure it's in great shape and clean. Here are a few areas you really need to focus on to ensure your deposit gets back into your hands.

Remove Staples and Nails From Your Walls

Once the pictures have been taken down, you are left with either staples or nails in your walls. You need to remove these and not leave them for your landlord to do. Instead of leaving the walls with the small holes left where the pictures used to be, repair them yourself using plaster.

Clean the Oven and the Fridge

When cleaning your kitchen, take the time to thoroughly clean both the oven and fridge. This means, taking out all the shelves and drawers and wiping them down using dishwater. Then, wipe down the entire interior of the fridge and don't forget to defrost and clean the freezer too.

Clean the oven by placing newspapers on the floor in front of the opening. You might need to use two cans of oven cleaner (especially if you have never cleaned the oven) and follow the instructions on the can. You could also use baking soda to clean the inside of the oven if you prefer not to use chemicals.

Clean the Cabinets

Once your cabinets have been cleared of pots, pans and dishes, take a cloth with faucet water and wipe them down. This includes both the inside and outside of the doors and both the top and bottom of the shelves.

Light Fixtures

During normal cleaning routines it can be easy to forget about dusting light fixtures. In order to clean them, remove them from the light, and either wash them in a sink full of soapy water or take a dish cloth and wipe them down. Don't place light fixtures into a dishwasher, this can damage the glass.

Clean Vents and Mirrors

You might not think to clean the heating and cooling vents or the air vents in your apartment. Dust does collect here and to keep them in good working order, they do need to be cleaned. Simply take a dish cloth with soapy water and wipe down the vents. Also, clean all mirrors in the apartment too; residue builds up as well as fingerprints.  (For help with cleaning an apartment when moving out, contact Kathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc. or another company)