Seven Ways Pressure Washing Improves The Appearance Of Retail Shops

Posted on: 29 April 2015

Pressure washing is entirely different than just hosing down a spill or other mess. The high pressure spray that commercial pressure washing equipment offers will remove even the most stubborn debris and stains. It can revive a shabby looking exterior almost instantly and leave it looking fresh and new. Here are a few ways every retail location could benefit from having their building and parking lot pressure washed.

#1. Remove cobwebs and other pests.

Cobwebs full of insects, wasp and hornet nests and even bird nests are common sights in the eaves of many buildings. They make the structure look dirty and they can frighten off skittish customers who worry about a spider or other bug dropping on them as they enter the building.

#2. Clean oil spots and other stubborn debris on parking lots.

Parked cars will often drip oil or other fluids, leaving behind spots that refuse to wash away. In addition, parking lots are at risk of used chewing gum, bird droppings and spilled drinks and food. Pressure cleaning can wash away all of this.

#3. Remove dirt and grime from the building exterior.

Pressure washing is a great way to quickly rinse off the exterior of a shop from top to bottom. It will remove the stuck dirt and debris that clings to brick and siding and make the building look bright and fresh.

#4. Remove loose paint from walls and trim to prepare the building for painting.

If a repaint is scheduled, pressure washing will remove dirt before the painting can begin, but it can also remove loose paint as well. This can save people a lot of time because it will reduce or eliminate the need to scrape by hand.  

#5. Remove mold from sheltered walkways.

Mold on top of concrete is a slipping hazard. Unfortunately it is common in shadowed areas, especially if the weather has been damp. By pressure washing these areas, the risk of slip and fall accidents will be reduced.

#6. Clean up awnings and canopies and brighten advertising.

Canopies are where a lot of company names are located. To maintain a professional image, this signage needs to look its best. Once these areas are washed, everything will look newer and brighter. Even lighted signs will shine brighter at night once the layers of dirt are removed.

#7. Thoroughly clean the dumpster and the area where it is located.

Refuse centers are often filthy, odorous and unappealing. Too much mess and it can become a beacon to all local rodents and stray cats. Reduce how appealing this area is to pests by keeping the space as clean as possible.

Pressure washing, when performed regularly by a company like A Blast To the Past, may help to reduce the premature aging of siding, signs and canvas canopies. It will help to make the entire building and the surrounding parking lot to look better cared for, newer and well-maintained. In most instances this project can be completed in just a few hours and often can be done after-hours or on a day when the shop is closed to reduce interruptions to the business.