Keeping Your Daycare Clean

Posted on: 9 June 2015

If you are opening a daycare service, the safety of the children you will be watching is of the utmost importance. Keeping your facility clean and sanitized will help ward off the spread of germs and bacteria. Hiring a commercial cleaning service is the best way to ensure that proper cleaning procedures are taken to get your daycare clean. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning service instead of relying on cleaning the facility yourself, making sure that you get the quality you believe your daycare needs.

Use Green Products

Ask the cleaning service to use green products throughout your facility. These products do not contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation or sickness if accidentally ingested. Since small children are not careful about touching things and then putting their fingers or items in their mouths, using green products to clean off toys and tabletops will help reduce the risk of chemical exposure.

Keep Carpeting Clean

Small children spend time on carpeting during floor play, making it imperative that the carpet gets cleaned regularly. Commercial cleaning services will vacuum your carpeting every night and have the proper steam cleaning equipment to get out deep stains. If a you have an area where someone spills juice or mud gets tracked in after being on the playground, leave a note for your cleaning service and use a piece of string to circle the affected area on the carpet so that it can be easily found when the service arrives to do their nightly routine.

Target High-Risk Areas

A commercial cleaning service will target areas that you specify so that children have less risk of exposure to contaminated surfaces. Give your cleaning service instructions so that special attention will be given to water fountains, computer mice and keyboards, doorknobs,  bathroom sink faucets and the paper towel holder, and tables and chairs. Making sure to scrub down high-traffic areas will keep children safer from risk of illness.

Check For Problems

A commercial cleaning service will monitor your facility for any signs of mold and will alert you if there is a prevalent problem arising. Mold spores can become very harmful if they turn into black mold, causing respiratory problems as a result. Your commercial cleaning service will take special precautions not to leave wet areas on carpeting or on wood or wall surfaces where mold can begin. If a problem is found, they will recommend you use a bleach solution on the area. Since this is not a green-cleaning method, they would need permission to be able to perform this operation. They may also recommend you call in a mold remediation specialist to rid the problem.