Employee Wellness: How Your Janitorial Service Can Help

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Do you ever wonder how certain places of business get so clean, yet you never see a single employee lift a mop or a broom?  If this thought has ever crossed your mind, you are most likely unaware of all the benefits of a janitorial service that leaves customers thinking just that.  They are the ones who do the dirty work so employees and customers can enjoy a clean and waste-free environment, and they are the ones that keep a business running smoothly while simultaneously keeping up an unpolluted working atmosphere.

Basic Job Description

A janitor or a caretaker carries an array of responsibilities under their tool belts, and the skills they are able to utilize to complete their jobs are extremely wide-ranging.  In order to uphold this job, they have to be trained to complete tasks that involve hard, manual labor.  A typical duty could range anywhere from cleaning windows to fixing broken desks and other complicated maintenance procedures.  The average day is not limited to this list, but a few basic jobs include:

  • Mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping
  • Disposing of waste
  • Re-arranging furniture
  • Recognize harmful waste disposal procedures
  • Sanitize restrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Clean or restock equipment and supplies
  • Repairs and maintenance

They Save You Time

A hard-working custodial crew seem like a group of superheroes once you are aware of all the responsibilities that they hold.  They become even more heroic once you think about all the time and effort they save you because you do not have to burden yourself with their long list of jobs on top of yours as well.  They work for hours so you do not have to, saving you precious time.  In addition, their efficiency allows them to complete a large amount of work that an untrained professional would stumble over and take hours to finish. 

They Make You Look Good

Every day your janitorial service gives your business a makeover.  Somehow, throughout the day, a business can become a black hole of empty coffee cups, discarded papers, and the sweat of a great day of work, and when this happens, the janitors restore it to its former glory.  Not only does this clean and tidy environment make a better impression on potential clients, business relationships, and customers, but it also makes it easier for employees to focus and work.  Good hygiene and organization are huge parts of managing a successful company.

People You Can Trust

Your place of work is your home away from home, whether you like it or not.  Employees should feel comfortable and secure enough that if they put their belongings or personal items in a desk, locker, or even out in the open, they will be safe.  Quality janitorial services provide you with trust—they carry the responsibility of your security with them as they roam the halls of your business and get to know every corner.  If they can make you feel as safe as you are in your home and treat your business as if it is their own, you know they are doing the utmost to help keep you and your employees working in a nice environment.

If you are still trying to complete janitorial tasks along with the many other duties that coincide with your job as well, it is vital that you recognize all of the amazing benefits a janitorial service can provide for the wellness of your company as a whole.  You are so close to a less stressful work environment with happier employees and customers.  Everyone will be satisfied with the improvement in cleanliness and attitude, so contact your local janitorial services for your business makeover.

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