Winter Carpet Cleaning Basics

Posted on: 22 February 2016

 Carpets are a great challenge in the winter for businesses. While a lot of the problems associated with carpet cleaning can be mitigated in homes, such as by asking guests to take their shoes off, businesses almost never wish to inconvenience their customers with these requirements, leading to businesses having to take other approaches toward keeping their carpets clean. But fortunately, since many businesses are less busy during the winter, they have more opportunities to clean their carpets.

Cleaning Your Carpet During The Winter Is Essential

Winter is a time when it is even more important than ever for your business to make sure that it has clean carpeting. This is a time of the year when visitors are more likely to track dirt, mud, snow and salt into your business thanks to the snow that clings to their boots. All of these can be abrasive to a carpet and gradually wear it down.

There Is Less Humidity During The Winter, So Washing A Carpet Is Less Risky

A lot of business owners do not want to wash their carpets in the winter because they are concerned that doing so might contribute to mold problems due to the moisture not evaporating quickly enough and contributing to mold. However, if your business is properly heated and dehumidified, you will not have to worry about moisture contributing to mold development. The good news is that the moisture levels in general during the winter are also low, which makes moisture and mold growth even less of a problem.

There Are Solutions To Common Winter Carpet Problems

There are certain unique problems you may need to face in the winter, including salt stains caused by the deicer. Cleaning solutions such as white vinegar or dish detergent can be effective at removing salt stains. After the cleaning solution has been applied, the stain can be gently scrubbed away with a brush or cloth. Then, the wet area can be dried with a clean, dry towel by dabbing gently. Excess salt can be vacuumed up with a wet/dry vacuum.

Commercial Cleaning Companies Can Prevent Cold Air From Entering Your Building While Working

If you hire a home cleaning services company, you might be concerned that the company relies on truck-mounted equipment. As a result, a hose needs to be guided through a door and the opening might allow some cold air inside. However, commercial cleaning companies do whatever they can to minimize the effects of cold air entering your building.