3 Steps To Take After Your Business Suffers Fire Or Water Damage

Posted on: 17 February 2017

The restoration process for a commercial building that suffers water or fire damage differs from a home that does. There are additional steps you must take to clean up, restore, and re-open. If your business has recently suffered fire or water damage, here are some steps you need to take immediately.  

Get an Inspection

Before attempting to enter the building, you need to have it inspected by a professional first. There are many dangers that could be lurking in the building. There are several professionals you need to have involved in the inspection, including the utility companies.  

Once you have received clearance from the professionals, you can start working on the actual clean-up and restoration of the building.  

Take Inventory

Do not get rid of anything that is damaged in the building until you have taken the time to thoroughly document everything. You need an inventory list that states what was damaged and its value. If possible, take pictures of all the items that were damaged. Your insurance adjuster will need the inventory and pictures to gauge the damage that was caused by the fire or water.  

If you have receipts that can support the value of the items damaged, you also need to provide copies of them to your adjuster. Remember to keep the original receipts. You can use them to claim the loss on your income tax.  

Secure the Building

Although your building is in disrepair, trespassers might not be discouraged from attempting to enter it. Therefore, you need to take steps to secure the building. For instance, you can board up the windows and install additional locks on the doors.  

You should also consider temporarily contracting with a security firm. Even though a trespasser elects to enter the building on his or her own, you could be responsible if he or she suffers an injury while on the property.  

Contract With a Restoration Service

There are many hazards that could result from fire or water damage. For instance, the carpeting could be soaked and mold growth could occur. A professional restoration service could be your only hope for ensuring that the building is properly reserved.  

Talk to your insurance provider to find out about using your policy to help cover the costs of the restoration. With the help of a professional restoration crew, you can eliminate any safety concerns and get your business open again within a reasonable amount of time. Contact a company like Wood's Cleaning & Restoration to learn more.