The Best Method To Remove Blood From Your Couch

Posted on: 10 July 2018

If you have a couch in your living room that you love, and accidentally get blood on it, then you undoubtedly want to remove the stain as quickly as possible. While most cleaning methods, like regular detergent, are incapable of removing the blood, there are a few materials that can often release the stain.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The best solution to remove blood from any type of fabric material is to simply blot at the stain with some hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide works by reacting with cells and breaking them down. In other words, the red blood cells rupture when they come into contact with the peroxide. The broken-up bits of the blood are then easier to remove from the fabric. 

Hydrogen peroxide does tend to bleach some fabrics. Once the catalase enzyme within the fluid activates, it releases oxygen. The oxygen can remove some of the pigments from the fabric, much like oxygenated bleach products. 

So, before you start using hydrogen peroxide, pour a small amount of the fluid on a portion of the upholstery that is difficult to see. If it does not lighten the fabric, then pour a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide on a clean cotton cloth. Use the cloth to blot at the stain. Blot until you see that the stain has been fully removed.

If a small amount of blood remains, then use the same treatment method a second time.

Pet Enzyme Cleaner

If the hydrogen peroxide lightens the fabric at the testing area, then do not use it on the blood stain. Instead, purchase a pet enzymatic fabric cleaner. These products are marketed for the cleanup and removal of pet urine. However, they can be used on other organic stains. The enzymes within the cleaner target organic compounds and work to biodegrade them. 

Enzyme cleaners rarely bleach fabrics, but you should still spot check the fabric before applying the fluid. When you are ready, you can spray a bit of the cleaner directly on the upholstery. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and blot the stain. Continue spraying, waiting, and blotting until the stain completely disappears.

Keep in mind that enzymes within the cleaning solutions will deactivate over time. So, if your cleaning agent does not work, check to see if it has expired and buy a brand new cleaner if this is the case.

If you want to know more about stain removal or if you can not remove a stain from your couch, then speak with an upholstery cleaning professional.