Keep Your Home In Great Condition By Hiring Carpet Cleaners Who Prepare Thoroughly

Posted on: 5 September 2018

When you move into a home with carpet, you may know that you will need to get carpet cleaning eventually. You may have lived in the home long enough that the carpet has sustained some wear and tear that you can no longer clean up with vacuuming. This is an excellent time to invest in carpet cleaning service to make the carpet look fresh and to avoid excessive dirt build-up.

While you may not be worried about the quality of carpet cleaning that you will receive, you should not hesitate to learn about the steps that professionals will take to prepare your home.


If you have baseboards throughout your house, you may not want them to get damaged while the carpet is being cleaned. This can happen if a carpet cleaning machine dings the baseboard. A reliable way to protect the baseboards is by setting up guards that prevent collisions.


While the professionals will be cleaning the carpet, you do not want them to get it dirty before, during, and after the cleaning. This means that you will want to hire carpet cleaners who put shoe covers on before they come into the house to keep dirt and grime from getting on the carpeting.

Also, you should make sure that the professionals check all the equipment before bringing it into the home because you do not want any dirt to get trailed into the home.


Moving around furniture is not always the easiest task, especially when you have a home with tight doorways and limited open space. A carpet cleaner can use furniture pads and exercise extra caution when picking up and moving furniture to avoid scraping against doorways and walls.

Setting down furniture on damp carpeting could lead to damage, especially to wood legs. The cleaners will set the legs on blocks to let the water dry off completely. This will allow you to remove the blocks when you know that the carpet is no longer damp.


When you have furniture set up on carpeting, you may not have furniture pads on the legs because you do not need to protect hard floors from damage. However, since the carpet cleaners may need to move your furniture from the carpet to areas with hardwood flooring, you should feel confident that they will use furniture pads on the bottom of the legs to avoid scratching.

A carpet cleaning company such as Conscientious Carpet Care that prepares extensively to avoid damage is worth hiring.