Two Hidden Dangers Of Dirty Residential Air Ducts

Posted on: 29 October 2018

When you think about cleaning your house you probably picture vacuuming floors, sweeping behind and around appliances, and scrubbing toilets. You want the visible parts of the house to be clean and tidy at all times because a clutter-free home is nearly always better than the alternative. However, what if there is another part of your home that needs to be cleaned out even more than the areas you can see with the naked eye? Keeping the air ducts in your heating and cooling system free of dirt and debris might be much more important than you could ever imagine.

Clean Air Ducts Are Good For Your Health

If you start having respiratory problems, it's easy to blame the issue on outside conditions. Some people reason that the changing seasons are the culprit behind their constant sneezing, dripping nose, or a persistent cough. While there could be extra pollen in the air because flowers have started to bloom, the real root of the condition could be a lot closer than you imagine.

As dirt begins to build up on your air ducts, this actually pollutes the air that is pumped into your house. You likely spend much more time inside the house than outdoors, and if you are constantly breathing in tainted air it won't be long before your own health could take a toll.

Even though you don't have direct access to your air ducts because they are hidden in the walls, you still need to make them a high priority. Ask a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist like those with Terry's Cleaning, Restoration & water damage to come in and clean up those air ducts so that the air quality in your home won't take the hit.

Dirty Air Ducts Can Be Costly

Failing to keep those air ducts clean may actually cost financially as well. If the air has to push through built-up dirt and debris, this requires more power. All of that excess energy that is being used means that your monthly power bill is typically going to be much more expensive than it should be.

The money that you invest in maintaining clean air ducts is sure to pay you back when you begin to notice how much more affordable your energy expenses start to be.

Clean air ducts help to promote high-quality air all throughout your home. Set up a time for an HVAC professional to come out and clear away the dirt from your air ducts as soon as you can.