How And Why To Deep Clean Your Carpet Before Listing Your Home For Rent Or Sale

Posted on: 4 February 2019

When selling or renting out your house, even the smallest detail can put off a potential buyer. Unless you're in a market with very high demand for housing, it's important to put in as much effort to eliminate anything that might make the buyer or renter think twice about moving forward with the deal.

You may be surprised to find that a dirty carpet can put off many potential renters or buyers. If your carpet isn't clean enough, it can dissuade many renters or buyers.

The Whole House Is a Stage

When a house is on sale or up for rent, it basically becomes a stage of some kind. Everything about the house is supposed to tell the buyers and renters that this where they want to spend the next few months or years of their lives.

A carpet with visible stains or other kinds of dirt certainly doesn't send the same message. It can affect the balance of the presentation and ruin it for everything else in your well-staged house.

Questions About the Rest of the House

Buyers and renters have one major disadvantage — there are parts of the house that they can't see or inspect as thoroughly as they want. Many buyers and renters are afraid of buying or renting a home only for multiple issues to crop up.

To avoid this, renters/buyers are always on the lookout for the tiniest indicators that the house isn't properly taken care of. A dirty or stained carpet shows that the owner is neglectful and makes it easy for the other party to start questioning the state of the parts of the house they can't see.

How a Carpet Should Be Deep Cleaned

Deep cleaning a carpet can be very challenging. Depending on how large or deep the stains are, you may need to call on the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to help you get your carpet ready.

If you wish to try cleaning the carpet on your own, you can take the following approaches:

  • Pick up all the items from the floor

  • Move all the furniture out of the way

  • Vacuum the carpet first

  • Pretreat stains

  • Blot the stains out

You can also rent a carpet cleaner for the same purpose. However, you may find the equipment available to you to be limited. Professionals will always do a better job of getting your carpet ready for buyer or renters.