3 Tips to Make it Easier to Keep Your Floors Clean

Posted on: 27 September 2019

Keeping up with cleaning the floors in your home can be a trying experience—especially if you share your home with kids and pets. If you're struggling to keep your floors looking great, you might be using the wrong tools for the job. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep up with cleaning the floors and leaving them looking their best.

Choose a Quality Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution that you choose should do more than disinfect—yes, you want to disinfect the floors that your kids play on, but cleaning the floors goes beyond that. The cleaning solution should be formulated for the type of flooring material that your cleaning, it should break down grease and dirt easily, it shouldn't be overpowering in scent and it should treat the flooring finish the way it's meant to be treated—brought to a shine or what have you.

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Toss the Bristle Broom

That bristle broom that you've been using to push the dirt around your kitchen – toss it! Those brooms are great for clearing cut grass from your sidewalk or fallen leaves from your deck, but they are not well-designed to clean the dirt and dust that builds up on your flooring.

Instead of a bristle broom, look for a dust mop. You can find these in various sizes, from commercial to residential. If you have a huge open space, you might want to invest in one of the larger dust mops to reduce the time it takes you to clean the space.

These mops pull the dirt and dust out of the cracks and crevices of the flooring and trap it within the fibers. You won't be kicking it around the house, you'll be pushing it into a pile and removing it with a dustpan. 

Flat Mop Shiny Floors

If your flooring is finished with a shine, the best thing that you can use to mop it is a flat mop. These mops have flat heads with removable covers. The cover is dipped into the cleaning solution and water mixture, wrung out, and put back on the head. You then use the mop to clean the floor; you're cleaning, use it to buff the finish to a shine. Sometimes, it's good to have two flat mops handy—one for cleaning, and one for buffing.

These tips will help you keep your floors looking great while you spend less time doing it.