What Does A Sports Turf Cleaning Service Do?

Posted on: 4 March 2020

Sports turf is the ideal surface for sports that are traditionally played on grass. Unlike natural grass, sports turf does not become muddy and slippery in the rain. It won't suffer bald spots due to the friction of players' shoes. However, sports turf still needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to remain functional and attractive. An artificial sports turf cleaning service can keep your turf in fantastic condition. Here are a few services such a company can provide:

1. Sweeping

Sports turf needs to be swept on a regular basis, especially if it's located outside. Attempting to sweep turf yourself can be a laborious and time-consuming process. A rake must be used, and hand raking turf can cause minor damage over time. A sports turf cleaning service can use a ride-on turf sweeper to quickly and efficiently sweep even the largest sports fields. Sweeping will remove dirt, debris, and other unwanted items from the field. Foreign matter can reduce the natural grip of sports turf, making it slippery and more dangerous for gameplay; regular sweeping will allow your turf to retain all the properties you value.

2. Shampooing

Turf can become stained over time. It's not uncommon for players to get injured during the heat of a game. Blood is a biohazard that must be handled appropriately, and it also has a tendency to stain. A sports turf cleaning service will shampoo your turf using the same type of wet vacuum typically used for carpet cleaning. A mild cleansing solution will be sprayed onto the field, and the dirty water will be sucked up. This can remove stubborn stains so your artificial turf looks as good as the day it was installed. Clean sports turf is also more pleasant for athletes to play on.

3. Turf Repair

Occasionally, your sports turf may become threadbare or torn due to the rigors of gameplay. Fortunately, the entire turf does not need to be replaced if this happens. In most cases, the damaged area will be precisely cut out. Once it has been removed, a new piece of turf will be installed in its place. Your repair expert will be sure to use the exact same type of turf for the repair since any variation in color will be easily noticeable. A powerful adhesive is used to glue the turf patch down, so it will not become dislodged during gameplay. When performed by an expert, turf repair is completely invisible.