New To Faux Wood Tile? 2 Simple Cleaning Tips

Posted on: 16 July 2020

Today, many homeowners and builders are installing faux wood tile for a few different reasons. Not only is it durable and attractive, but it also gives the appeal of wood without the worry of wood damage, especially when used in rooms with high moisture levels, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, this tile does require proper cleaning and maintenance. With these tips, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently clean your faux wood tile.

Surface Debris

You need to focus on the surface debris when cleaning your faux wood tile, since dirt, dust, hair, and other debris will build up quickly on the tile surface and in the grout lines. Removing this debris is accomplished in a few different ways.

Many people choose to run a dust mop across the tile floor. However, this may not be effective for removing debris that has built up in the grout lines. A vacuum cleaner with hard-floor cleaning capabilities is also a great option because it has not only a suction that will remove light debris on the surface but also the more stubborn debris that has accumulated in the grout.

Be sure to run the vacuum over the faux wood tile with the brushes rotating to ensure the most effective clean without scratching the tile surface.

Wash Residue

No matter how well you sweep or vacuum, you will most likely have stubborn dirt and other residue that requires a more involved cleaning. Knowing what is best for washing your tile can be challenging, though.

In some cases, mopping the tile with just hot water or a solution of water and white vinegar will be sufficient. Many people will also use a steam mop to clean their faux wood tile.

If your tile and grout are really dirty, consider using a cleaner that works for your specific type of tile.

Avoid floor cleaners with ammonia or bleach if you have porcelain tile. The chemical agents in these products will eat through the porcelain surface. They can also erode the tile grout.

If your faux wood tile is not glazed, avoid any cleaners that contain dyes since the additives will stain both the tile's surface and the grout.

Finally, make sure your mop head or cleaning tools are not abrasive. Avoid scouring pads or rustic brushes/bristles because they will scratch the surface of the faux wood and damage your grout.

Help is available cleaning and maintaining your faux wood tile so it continues to add appeal and value to your home.

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