Using Property Inspection Services During Your Real Estate Transaction

Posted on: 27 August 2020

Property inspection services can be an invaluable tool when it comes to buying and selling homes or other types of real estate. The vital information that these inspections can provide makes it important to ensure you understand these services.

Should You Have A Home Inspection Done If You Are Selling A Property?

One assumption that people will often make with selling a property is assuming that only the buyer needs to worry about having a property inspection done. In reality, the seller should always consider having one of these inspections completed before they list the home for sale. This will allow for them to know the problems that may be the most likely to arise and scare away potential buyers.

How Long Will The Home Inspection Process Take?

While a home inspection may seem like it will be an extremely disruptive and long process, it will normally only take a few hours to be completed. However, this will be heavily dependent on the size of the property as well as the amenities that are included. In situations where a large luxury home is being bought or sold, this process may take longer as there will simply be more that is needing to be inspected by the professional. However, these inspections should still only take less than a day to complete. In addition to reducing the hassle and disruptions for the owner of the property, this can also limit the impacts that it has on the sale of the property as the buyer will be able to have their inspection completed rapidly.

What Should A Buyer Do If A Problem Is Found During The Inspection?

In the event that there is an issue found during the home inspection, the buyer will need to decide how they plan on handling this situation. For example, if the issue is relatively minor, it may be possible to negotiate with the seller to have the problem fixed or to reduce the price of the home to account for the needed repairs. However, if the issue is substantial, it may simply be best to look for a different home to buy. This can often be the case if the home is discovered to have serious foundation problems. In addition to being expensive to repair, foundation damages will be an urgent matter that will need to be repaired immediately, which can delay your move into the house. Having a general idea as to the types of problems you are willing to tolerate with potential homes can allow you to more easily manage these situations.