Tips to Pressure Wash and Clean Your Property

Posted on: 3 February 2021

Cleaning the outside of your home is a great way to spring-clean your property and remove the dirt and stains left behind from winter. And a pressure washer is a great way to spring clean your home and yard exterior. Here are some tips and insight to help you keep your home and yard clean and maintained with a pressure washer.

Consider the Surface

When you are cleaning outside your home with a pressure washer, it is important to consider the surface that you are cleaning so you can choose the right sprayer tip. Your pressure washer is going to come with several tips that spray water from a single tight high-pressure stream to a fan spray that will gently saturate your cleaning surface. If you are ever unsure of what tip to use when you are cleaning, test an inconspicuous area with the sprayer tip, keeping the nozzle at least a couple of feet away from the surface. Then, if you think you can move up to a stronger sprayer tip, proceed with caution. You can easily scratch and put obvious gouges into your beautiful wood deck with the wrong sprayer tip.

Use the widest tip to spray detergent and water onto a surface for pretreatment before cleaning. Then, look for a 40-degree nozzle to clean your vehicle, your home's windows, or the siding on the outside of your home. Increase the spray to the next highest spray power of 25 degrees for your wood deck and patio surface. 

Use a Zero-Degree Nozzle

It is a good idea to protect the surfaces around your yard that you are cleaning with your pressure washer, so always use the right tip before you start spraying. However, there are times when you can always go to the zero-degree nozzle tip, which sprays water out at the highest pressure setting. When you are cleaning concrete, rock, or brick surfaces, you can safely use a high-pressure tip to clean off paint, such as from graffiti or paint that has accidentally spilled or splattered. It is also good for cleaning similar substances and other stains from metal. Because metal and concrete or stone are so durable they are going to withstand the force of water coming from the needle-fine tip opening. 

This type of nozzle is also great for removing weeds from your yard, as the force of spray will cut the weeds off right at their base root. For example, if you have weeds or grasses growing from cracks in your pavement, direct the force of spray onto the weed growth and it will clear it right out of the crack. While you are doing so, use the spray to rinse clean stains and grease spots from the concrete to improve its appearance.

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