Repairing The Damage To Your Stair Carpeting

Posted on: 31 March 2021

Having carpeting on the stairs in your home can help to make them much more comfortable to walk up or down while also helping to reduce the risk of slipping on slick wood, vinyl, or stone. However, stair carpeting can be uniquely vulnerable to damage that will need to be repaired.

What Makes Stair Carpeting VulnerableTo Damage?

Stair carpeting can be especially vulnerable to damage as a result of the amount of traffic that travels over it. An example of this can be the carpet ripping as a result of some individuals' tendency to slide their feet when they are walking up the stairs. This can also have the side effect of causing more dirt to get worked into the fibers of the carpeting, which can lead to severe discoloration.

Is Ripping The Only Damage You Should Worry About With Your Stair Carpeting?

Ripping is a common type of damage for stair carpeting to sustain, but it is not the only issue that you can expect to encounter with it. Stretching and warping are also issues that will need to be addressed. When the carpet on the stairs becomes warped, it may no longer remain in place, which can lead to the risk of slipping or tripping while walking on the stairs. A professional carpet repair service will be able to resecure carpet that has become warped. In cases where the warping is especially serious, it may be necessary to replace the carpeting in order for it to look its best and to fit the stairs. Luckily, the entire process of replacing the carpeting on stairs is fairly short as it will be a relatively small amount of carpeting that needs to be laid.

Is It More Difficult To Repair Damaged Stair Carpeting?

Stair carpeting can be surprisingly difficult to repair because the carpet needs to be able to fit all of the stairs. As a result, any repairs that require sections of the carpet to be replaced can be difficult enough to require professional services. Stain removal can be another type of repair that may be difficult without professional help. While isolated stains can be easily treated with spot kits, more widespread discoloration can be challenging to address because steam cleaners can be difficult to use on stairs. If your carpeting has widespread discoloration, a professional carpet repair contractor will have attachments that can allow them to clean the entire surface of the carpeting that is on the stairs.

If your carpeted stairs need help, contact a company that offers carpet stair repair services.