Commercial Cleaning Steps For Oriental Floor Coverings

Posted on: 16 August 2021

Traditional Oriental rugs are constructed of natural materials, including wool, cotton, silk, and camel hair. The hand-knotting technique that is used to create this type of rug can make this type of product more valuable than a machine-made floor covering. Learn how a commercial cleaning service is conducted and how this type of cleaning process will safely restore a rug.

Companies That Offer Deliveries And Shipments

A commercial rug cleaning business is often operated from a large facility that contains inspection, pre-treatment, cleaning, washing, and mending stations. Rugs of all sizes may be treated at this type of facility. Since an Oriental rug can be rather bulky and heavy, some large cleaning businesses offer transport services.

Customers can request that a rug is picked up from a residence or business. Once a rug has been treated, it will be rolled up and wrapped in plastic or film. A delivery by truck can be arranged. For products that will need to be delivered to a distant address, a freight company may be used to ship a rug.

The Cleaning Process

Upon being dropped off at a rug cleaning facility, an Oriental floor covering will be laid out along the flooring that is within an inspection station. An inspector will take notice of color variations, loose strands, stains, and holes in the top or the bottom of the rug. These inconsistencies in a rug may require that special equipment or agents are used during the cleaning cycle. Damaged floor coverings can often be repaired onsite, as long as a customer relays that they would like to have restorative techniques performed.

A dust removal process involves feeding a rug through a large machine that contains a roller. Because an Oriental rug may contain a thick pile and a colorful pattern, it can be difficult to spot dust and effectively remove it at home. Using a vacuum may not always eliminate all of the dust that is embedded in a floor covering. A dust extraction process separates dust particles from the fibers. The particles are stored within a receptacle.

Cleaning an Oriental rug involves spraying a pre-treatment agent across a rug's pile and the fringe that borders a floor covering. After some time has elapsed, a rug will be washed in a commercial cleaning unit. This type of unit will contain a roller and a tray. Scrubbers will be used to lift stains from each side of a rug. Once a cleaning cycle is complete, a clean rug will be hung to dry. Reach out to a company like Able Carpet & Rug Cleaning Svc for more information.