How Much Does Residential Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Posted on: 22 September 2021

Among the many unforeseen headaches that homeowners must deal with, water damage is one of the most common. Water damage is the degradation in the appearance and structure of an area of your home that is caused by prolonged exposure to water. Water damage is often caused by flooding, pipe bursts, pipe leaks, appliance leaks, sewer backups, clogged drains, and roof leaks. Water damage, especially structural damage, can compromise the structural integrity of your home and the safety of your family. With that in mind, it's no wonder that homeowners will waste no time purchasing water damage restoration services to bring peace of mind and security back to their homes. However, there is a constant question that homeowners face when deciding to purchase these services: how much does residential water damage restoration cost? Read on below to find out just how much it'll cost to ensure your family's safety and your home's integrity with water damage restoration services.

What Factors Affect Residential Water Damage Restoration Costs?

Residential water damage restoration can cost between $3.75 - $7.00 per square foot. If companies charge hourly, costs can increase. Where a particular water damage restoration project falls within this price range is determined by the type of material that needs to be restored and the type of water that did the damage. If the damaged material is expensive and the offending water is dirtier, then restoration will cost more.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost for Pipe Bursts?

Pipe bursts are extremely common causes of water damage that frequently occur in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. In many cases, they are also extremely preventable due to being caused by clogs and freezing. Water damage restoration costs for such pipe-related incidents cost an average of roughly $2,000. However, it is important to resolve pipe bursts quickly because they can lead to additional expenses due to issues like flooding.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost for Pipe Leaks?

Pipe leaks are even more common than pipe bursts. Like pipe bursts, pipe leaks also frequently occur in kitchens and bathrooms. Faucet leaks in exposed pipes cost up to $350.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost for Flooding?

Flooding is a common cause of water damage that can occur in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. However, flooding most often occurs in basements. Among the residential water damage causes mentioned thus far, flooding is the only one that is frequently caused by natural causes. Severe storms are the most common culprit. Water damage restoration costs for basement flooding can cost several thousand dollars.

If you've been dealing with the aftermath of water damage in your home, bring safety and security back to your home and family with residential water damage restoration! To learn more, contact a residential water damage restoration service.