How To Live With Dogs And Keep Your Home's Carpets Clean

Posted on: 14 October 2021

Dogs are amazing companions who make people's lives better in many ways. However, dogs are also really hard on a home's carpets. With the combination of toenail snags, tracked-in dirt, and shed hair, dogs can quickly make even the highest-quality carpet look dirty and worn.

While you may be tempted to remove the carpet and install vinyl or tile, this isn't usually the best solution. Carpet gives your dog's feet traction to prevent them from sliding around and injuring themselves. In addition, carpeting is much softer to walk on for older dogs.

To successfully live in a house with both carpet and dogs, do each of these things:

Use Welcome Mats and Area Rugs at Entrance Doors

One of the best ways to keep dirt outdoors is to remove your shoes when you come into your house. Unfortunately, dogs can't do this.

Some people make the effort to wipe down their dogs' paws with a towel, but this quickly becomes a bother.

An easier option is to place a welcome mat outside each entry door. Just inside the door, put down a decorative rug with a thick pile or shag.

Welcome mats and thick-pile rugs help remove the dirt and moisture from your dog's feet before it gets deposited onto the wall-to-wall carpet where it's harder to clean.

Using area rugs and welcome mats allows you the ability to quickly hosing them off outside or toss them in the washing machine.

Vacuum Your Home's Carpeting Very Frequently

Households without pets can easily go a week between vacuuming. However, carpets in homes with dogs need to be vacuumed much more frequently. 

Frequent vacuuming not only removes dirt and grime but also removes shed hairs before they can wind around and get trapped in the carpet fibers where they are nearly impossible to remove. 

Homes with dogs should always utilize high-quality vacuum cleaners. This just isn't a job for a cheap vacuum cleaner. You need as much suction as possible.

Thankfully, by spending some additional money on a good vacuum and using it frequently, you can greatly extend the life of your carpet.

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned on a Regular Schedule

Finally, when you are living in a home with dogs, the carpets need to be professionally cleaned on a regular schedule. This isn't a job for a small at-home carpet cleaning machine. This is a job for professionals with truck-mounted, high-quality carpet cleaning equipment. Contact a carpet cleaning company in your area to learn more.