Get Routine House Cleaning To Help With Dog Sitting In Your Home

Posted on: 19 July 2022

While working as a dog sitter, you can watch dogs in your own home or visit other people's homes. Working from your house allows you to watch multiple dogs from several households, so you may work this way most of the time or exclusively. However, you may notice that keeping a clean home is tough since you may always have several dogs staying over.

An excellent solution is to start using house cleaning services on a regular basis.


When you can get considerable downtime, you can set aside time to clean the house. However, you might have a host of other obligations that take up your spare time. This makes it helpful to use house cleaners who can prevent you from needing to set aside time for cleaning.

While you might find success in cleaning areas where you watch dogs as they nap or sleep, you may not be able to clean the other parts of the house that well. Fortunately, you can get house cleaning services to cover certain rooms or every room, depending on your particular needs.

A clever strategy is to schedule cleaners to come over when you are home. Then, you can put the dogs in a certain area and let professionals clean the empty rooms. Afterward, you can move all the dogs to the freshly cleaned areas and let cleaners work on the rest of the house.


An important part of cleaning your home is using pet-friendly products. You want to avoid using chemicals that could harm the dogs you are watching. Fortunately, you can hire house cleaners who exclusively use these kinds of products or are able to do so when cleaning your home.

Green, non-toxic cleaning products and solutions will give you peace of mind as a dog sitter. An extra perk is you can advertise that your house is only cleaned with dog-safe products.


When you watch dogs, you will likely notice a major uptick in dirt buildup from hair, dander, and grimy paws. Some dogs roll around in dirt and grass while on a bathroom break in your backyard and then track the mess inside. When you combine the messes made by your family and all the dogs you watch, you might feel a little overwhelmed.

Hiring house cleaning professionals on a consistent routine is worth considering as a dog sitter who watches dogs in your own home.