Sweeping Your Home's Chimney

Posted on: 13 September 2022

The chimney is an integral part of your fireplace, and it will have important maintenance needs that will have to be met in order for the system to remain safe. Sweeping the chimney is one of the types of maintenance that will be the most commonly needed for this part of the home. Sadly, chimney sweeping can be underestimated by homeowners. 

Sweeping Is Important For Both Performance And Safety

The process of sweeping the chimney is a task that will have to be done in order to preserve the performance of the chimney and the safety of the fireplace. Unfortunately, a chimney that has not been swept in a long time could be more likely to become obstructed, which could lead to the home accumulating hazardous fumes and smoke from the fire. Additionally, some of the residues that could collect in the chimney may be more prone to ignite, which could cause substantial damage to the chimney lining. Lastly, sweeping the chimney can be a necessary preparation step for assessing the condition of the lining or looking for other structural issues.

Chimney Sweeping Services Can Avoid Causing A Mess In The Home's Interior

The process of sweeping the interior of a chimney can be fairly messy due to the amount of soot and ash that is accumulating in it. Luckily, a professional chimney sweeping service will be able to set up barriers that can prevent the soot and ash that falls during this work from spreading through the home's interior. The most common way of doing this is by placing a screen over the fireplace that will keep these materials in the hearth. However, some chimney sweeping services may place this at the base of the chimney. This can prevent large amounts of soot and ash from falling into the hearth and needing to be cleaned.

Gas Fireplaces Will Still Require Their Chimneys To Be Swept

A person that has a gas fireplace can come to the belief that it is not necessary for them to have their fireplace cleaned due to it not producing large amounts of ash from burning wood. However, gas fireplaces can still produce fairly large amounts of residue from the gas that may not fully burn off. As a result, it is still important to have the chimney swept even if the fireplace uses gas. Fortunately, the chimney may be able to go longer without being swept, and this is especially true for those that may only use their fireplace sparingly.

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