Find Mold In An Unused Room? Find A Mold Testing And Cleaning Company Today

Posted on: 27 September 2022

Do you have an area of your home that is often unused, and now you've discovered mold in the space? If so, you want to call a mold remediation company quickly. You need to know how bad the infestation is, and how far it's traveled throughout your home.

The mold could be affecting your family in different ways and can cause health concerns from sinus irritation to severe toxic inhalation. Take these steps and take action fast.

Avoid the Area and Block it Off

It's best if you don't touch or inhale the mold. If it's possible, seal off the area by closing a door and adding plastic around it. If there are vents in that room or area close them. You don't want anyone unknowingly touching or inhaling the mold, and you also don't want to continue spreading it accidentally.

Hire a Mold Cleaning Company

A mold cleaning and remediation company will have the staff and tools to act fast in removing the mold. The company will:

  • Examine the molded areas and send anything out for testing if necessary
  • Sterilize the area
  • Inspect around the house
  • Clean the affected areas from carpeting to ceiling
  • Remove damaged debris and materials

The company may have to use carpet cleaners, air purification machines, and more, but they will work until the job is done.

Have the HVAC System Sanitized

If the moldy area was near any heating and cooling vents or ducts, the area should be sanitized. The mold cleaning company may offer this service. If they don't you want to have an HVAC company clean out the ventilation system and replace all filters in the air conditioning unit or furnace.

Find and Repair the Source of the Mold

Promptly repair the cause of the mold. This could be anything from a leak in the roof, humidity, and condensation problems in the home, and more. The cleaning efforts will be wasted if this problem returns and finding the source of the mold may help you detect other problems with the home.

It can be easy for mold to go unnoticed, and once it starts to spread throughout your house it can move quickly. Call a mold cleaning and treatment company right away, so they can see how bad the damage is and how long it will take to have everything cleaned promptly. If this was caused by a structural housing issue, your homeowner's insurance provider may cover the costs.

For more information on mold testing, contact a professional near you.