Cleaning Services: 4 Things To Avoid Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

Posted on: 30 November 2022

The pressure washer is every homeowner's secret to cleaning exterior walls, walkways, and various outdoor surfaces. However, not everything achieves the outcome you desire when using this high-power tool. You should know that applying it on certain surfaces can cause more harm than good. Sometimes, it might even shorten the material's lifespan and the building's structural integrity. Here are examples of items to be exempt from the pressure washing process.

Different Cladding Materials

Siding is a component of the overall building setup. It protects the inner parts of the wall from weather damage and adds to the home's aesthetic appeal. Moreover, different materials make up the siding, and wood is one of the most popular. However, if considering pressure washing, you should exclude wooden sidings from the process. This is because applying pressurized water on wooden surfaces can lead to some seeping into the cracks and spaces between the panels. The moisture will then lead to rot, mold, and mildew damage. A high-pressure cleaner can also dent vinyl and aluminum siding and leave your exterior wall with unsightly bumps. Given this, you should test the pressure on a small area before blasting it onto an entire wall surface.

The Electrical Wiring Gadgets

Avoid electrical gadgets and fixtures when washing your exterior. Note that spraying pressurized water onto your meter box, especially when the power is still on, can lead to a fire or electrocution. If it is absolutely necessary to clean the area close to the panel, consider turning off the power and covering the electrical fixtures.

Shingles Made from Asphalt

Shingles are another area to avoid when using a powerful cleaning tool. This is because the design of the shingle involves granules whose role is to protect the rest of the tiles from UV rays. Therefore, if you apply excessive force on them, the granules will come off and leave the tiles bare to all forms of weather damage. Thus, gentler cleaning methods will work perfectly for shingle roofs.

Paint Containing Lead

Lead paint is still present in some older homes. More importantly, you must know lead is a volatile compound that can cause massive environmental damage, including poisoning animals in the ecosystem and the water table. Hence, you should find other ways to clean walls that you suspect to have lead paint.

Other things to exclude from your cleaning list include living things and any surface suspected to have asbestos. Consult professional cleaners when unsure whether to clean with the pressure washer. They can guide and clean for you in a manner that preserves all surfaces. 

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