Residential Chimney Lining - Benefits Of Hiring A Contractor For Installation

Posted on: 28 June 2023

If your home has a chimney and it's currently without a liner, consider adding one immediately. The liner creates a direct path for smoke to escape when you start a fire, which improves chimney safety and prevents damage. A professional contractor makes liner installation so much easier for several reasons. 

Recommend an Appropriate Material

Chimney liners come in a few materials today, including metal, clay, and cast-in-place cement. Instead of researching the available options and still potentially selecting the wrong material, get a professional recommendation. Your installer will have ample insights on which material to go with.

They'll base their decision on multiple factors, such as your budget and chimney layout. After telling them how much you want to spend on the liner, have the installer come out and review the chimney in person. In minutes, they'll know what material best suits your wishes and needs. 

For example, if you don't have a large budget, the installer most likely will suggest clay tile because of its inexpensive nature. 

Figure Out the Correct Liner Dimensions 

Once you're all set on a liner material, figure out how big the liner needs to be. Optimal dimensions are paramount for a liner that sets up smoothly and performs flawlessly after installation. When you hire a professional installer, they can measure the chimney in person. 

They'll find out how big the exhaust hole is and measure the chimney from top to bottom, giving them a clear idea of how long the liner must be for a proper installation. Since the liner's dimensions are perfect, the contractor can avoid further adjustments like cutting. 

Install a Top Plate For Added Protection 

After setting up a liner inside the chimney, some gaps may be left over around the flue. Seal them up properly to prevent water and pests from causing damage. One of the best sealing tactics is to add a top plate on the chimney, which a professional installer can easily manage. 

They'll choose a perfectly suited plate to go above the chimney and seal gaps around the flue. They can also permanently secure the top plate, so it's not prone to flying off if the wind picks up or critters try to tamper with it.

Adding a liner to your chimney is one of the best things you can do for its safety and maintenance. As long as you hire a skilled contractor to set one up, you'll have no second thoughts about your liner investment.

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