What New Home Builders Must Know About The Benefits Of Professional Construction Cleaning

Posted on: 3 September 2015

Even though no one has yet lived there, the cleaning that a newly constructed home requires to get it ready for occupancy is more complicated and labor-intensive than regular residential cleaning routines. The construction cleaning professional understands that each surface of the new home must be wiped, shined, polished, mopped or vacuumed to perfection, removing all traces of dirt and dust left by the construction process in order to make the home appealing. If you are a home builder dealing with cleaning issues on the new houses you construct, a professional, experienced construction cleaning company might be just what you need to exceed the expectations of your current clients and help you attract new ones in the future.  

How Construction Cleaning Differs From Normal Residential Cleaning

Construction cleaning professionals routinely encounter many challenges not normally faced during residential cleaning routines, including:

  • removing sticky labels and the residue they leave behind on windows, doors, fixtures and appliances
  • removing chalk lines and other markings used during the installation of some types of flooring, tile or cabinetry
  • removing paint spatters
  • removing dust and fibers caused by cutting wood, fiberboard, insulation or drywall inside the home
  • cleaning muddy footprints tracked in from the construction site
  • cleaning dust and debris from all window and door glass, screens, tracts and sills, both inside and outside the home
  • cleaning smeared caulking around the edges of countertops, sinks, tubs and shower stalls
  • removing discarded construction materials
  • working on ladders to reach ceilings and other high surfaces
  • strenuous activities, such as heavy lifting, climbing, kneeling and bending

A Healthier Option

The dust and dirt left behind in a newly constructed home is not only unappealing to the new occupants, it can also be a health issue, especially to those with respiratory or lung conditions, like silicosis. The tiny particles that become airborne when materials such as drywall is cut or sanded during the construction phase can settle into crevices and carpeting in the new home.

If not removed by a thorough cleaning process, this dust, along with fibers from insulation and other materials can become airborne again once the home is occupied. Even when construction firms use equipment outfitted with bags to collect the dust created during the construction project, not all the dust will be captured. To get an idea of all the benefits that professional construction cleaning offers, contact a cleaning company, like Millennium Commercial and Construction Cleaning Services. They will be happy to answer your questions or even offer you a tour of one of the home they have cleaned, so that you can see the difference for yourself.